Frequently asked questions:

Can you guarantee you will find why my electrics is tripping?
Yes we can! Finding which part of the circuit is causing a fault is actually the easiest part of the job. It might turn out to be a little labour intensive to replace or repair that part. Before we proceed, we will always present the clients the possible options to choose from.
Will you deal with the whole projects from start to finish?
We take full responsibility for all the electrical projects we complete, offering a comprehensive service: from advice and recommendations on installations or device choices to managing any necessary approvals, certifications and sign offs.

We are NICEIC approved and Part P (building regs) registered, and we do EICR and PAT testing. If necessary, we can also provide other trades as appropriate, so you won’t need to worry about organising and co-ordinating everything. We will take the responsibility for it.

How will you keep me informed?
We understand how important for our customers it is to be kept well informed and consulted on all key matters. It is your business or home, and it is your money, after all. We will keep you in the loop at all times, and make sure everything, from design details to any extra work, is fully clear and understood before proceeding. This might be daily communications, or periodic reports, depending on the scale and timings of the project.
Do you have a call out charge?
For one-off jobs we charge a £100 fee and that includes up to one hour labour on site. Every hour afterward is £65. Any materials are charged extra at cost.
How big projects can you complete?
We can deal with projects ranging from fault-finding to comprehensive installation and servicing for industrial or commercial SME businesses.

The largest project we completed is a complete new electrical installation at 22 Goodlass Rd in Liverpool. This was a 12 months’ long project with eight electricians working full time and covered a large warehouse with 20 offices, canteen, toilets, packing and despatch area.

In addition to standard electrics, we also installed the fire alarm, emergency lighting and the computer network.

How do you actually do the fault finding on electrical installations ?

It depends how the fault manifests itself. This determines whether we test for bad insulation, split faulty circuits until the faulty part is identified. For intermittent faults, a method of elimination is usually employed.

How do you do fault finding on manufacturing equipment ?
The crucial step is to truly understand the process a particular piece of equipment is involved in. The next step is to analyse wiring diagrams and test various components where the process fails to perform until the fault is identified. A phone call to the manufacturer’s technical helpline can speed up diagnosis if diagrams are not available.
Will I get a guarantee?
Expert Spark offer 36 months warranty for our labour and a minimum of 12 months for parts and materials. The warranty for parts and materials is provided by manufacturers and can be longer on some items.
What does your insurance cover?

Our insurance covers our indemnity should we wrongly advise and client sustains loss as a result our insurance will compensate. We also have public liability insurance: should any unforeseen damage to the client property occur, our insurance will cover this.

How can I get a quote?

Write to us using our website contact form including some details about your project and your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also phone or text us.

Do you offer 24/7 emergency electrician cover?
We offer 24/7 emergency cover to our existing customers, and we will do our best to help new customers who contact us out of hours up to 9 p.m., often later as well.
Do you offer fixed prices?
We provide individual fixed quotes for eligible jobs where details of what the job involves are clear from the start (for example installation of sockets and lighting). For other jobs, such as fault finding, we can agree on hourly rates.

In most cases, what you pay is what you have been quoted originally, and in the rare cases where requirements significantly change so the price will have to, either up or down. If any quote changes are needed, we will check with you before proceeding, so no nasty surprises when you see the invoice.

What do our customers say?

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