Terms & Conditions

  1. The Client is of the opinion the Contractor has all the necessary qualifications, experience and ability to provide services to the Client.
  2. The Contractor is agreeable to provide such services to the Client on terms set out in this Agreement
  3. The charges vary on location of the job, time of the day when the job is carried out and duration of the job. Minimum call out charge is £50 plus VAT and maximum call out charge is £120 plus Vat. This includes one hour of labour on site but doesn’t include any materials. Every hour after minimum charge is £20 plus vat, maximum charge for every hour after is £50 plus vat.
  4. It is possible to agree a day rate for the regular customer at a negotiable rate. When we work on day rate charges apply from time we leave our base and end at time we leave customer property rounded to the nearest hour.
  5. When customer books a full day but to complete job doesn’t take full day a full day charge still applies.
  6. When we work on day rate travelling expenses outside of Manchester area applies which include fuel, van maintenance. Accommodation charged separately if needed.
  7. When we work on day rate Contractor requires customer to hand clear and written instructions and plans. Only then Contractor can accept responsibility for correctness of work. In the absence of clear written instructions, it is customer responsibility to supervise Contractor and make sure the work meets customer needs. Contractor is committed to follow wiring regulations and code of practice and some customer instructions may not be fulfilled exact because priority take safety and following the regulations.
  8. When Contractor agree to work on a day rate Contractor will issue invoices when Contractor thinks appropriate and reserve right not to continue work unless invoices are paid
  9. Customer is requested to submit any cancellations five working days before agreed start date.
  10. When a fixed price is agreed, an upfront payment is required to secure a start date.
  11. When work is carried out based on price it is possible to alter project specifics although this will affect estimate. If we need to make any changes to work which has been carried out this will be chargeable as an extra. Charges will depend on how many hours is needed to alter.
  12. When we work on a fixed price basis, we will be on site when work is being carried out. If multiple site visits are required these will be charged on call – out basis.
  13. We always install equipment according to manufacturer instructions and test our work for safety and functionality. Sometimes manufacturer instructions are subject to interpretations depending on specific site conditions and after installation equipment may malfunction. If we supplied the equipment on fixed price basis as opposed day rate we will be happy to rectify malfunction free of charge. If customer supplied the equipment we take no financial responsibility for any fault which might have arisen. If we supply the equipment on fixed price basis we may charge a small commission to cover for possible warranty call outs.
  14. Sometimes it may not be possible to install equipment to manufacturer instructions. In that case, we will inform the customer of the fact and it is customer decides whether he/she want to proceed with installation bearing in mind equipment may not work as expected but we are still expecting to be paid as agreed.
  15. It is human nature to make some errors and we do make occasional mistakes. When we work on day rate we would be expecting to be paid for rectification of occasional mistakes.
  16. When we work on day rate we tend to raise invoices after a number of days regardless of job progress. We may not be able to proceed with the job unless the invoice is paid.
  17. If we are asked to install complex systems we had little experience with it is customer responsibility to provide training, supervision, and information in writing so we can refer to them during the installation. If the instructions, training or supervision is not provided or vague any faults or damages are not our financial responsibility.
  18. Although we would not take any task beyond our capabilities it is customer responsibility to satisfy themselves with our experience with any particular task.
  19. If we work along with other trades on for example house refurbishment and our cables or equipment get damaged by other trades we are keen to find fault but charges will apply to the customer. Customer may be able to recover charges if it’s clear who caused the damage. Usually damages to decoration in such cases also for which we don’t take any liability occurs.
  20. Once the equipment is installed on site the financial responsibility for it goes to the customer. If anything is damaged or goes missing after it has been installed it is customer loss.
  21. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure he is happy with the quality, speed and other aspects of our services. If the customer has any concerns, we advise to advise us asap but until then normal charges as agreed apply.
  22. Installation of sockets switches takes place after the first coat of paint is laid but before second coat as this work may slightly damage decoration or may need snagging.
  23. Fault finding. We offer a fixed price for fault finding which is £130 plus vat per fault. This price doesn’t include fault rectification. In some cases when installation is pretty bad after assessment we may charge £130 and recommend rewire if further multiple faults exist. This is usually the case when incompetent person ventured alterations to the electrical system.
  24. If we are on call out basis fault finding there may be multiple faults which are not possible to find on one visit. In those cases, multiple site visits are required. This does not render us incompetent.
  25. If an invoice is not paid within 30 day period we reserve the right to charge late payment fee (suggestion what is reasonable) and interest (suggestion what is reasonable).
  26. Unpaid invoices will be dealt by debt recovery agencies adding the considerable amount to the original debt.
  27. Unpaid materials remain Contractor property until they are fully paid. Customer may not use them as they are Contractor’s property. If an invoice is not paid after a certain period we reserve the right to remove installed equipment and still demand payment for previously installed equipment. If defects arise before an invoice is paid Contractor reserves the right not to rectify defects unless the invoice is paid in full.
  28. Materials provided are suitable for the purpose in general. If the customer has any specific requirements to any of materials or equipment Contractor requests Customer to supply the materials before job start date. If Contractor can’t continue work due to lack of Customer materials or equipment additional charges may be applied. If the customer doesn’t requests or supply any specific materials Contractor will assume there is no specific requirements and will supply materials fit for purpose within the estimated budget. Any materials change after that is chargeable (new materials plus labour).
  29. It is normal practice for Contractor to tidy up but not to remove any waste from the site. If the customer requires waste to be removed Contractor needs to be informed before work commences and an additional charge will be applied for safe waste disposal.